Karen Nussbaum, MS, PT graduated in 1999 from Ithaca College with a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy. Karen completed the Kripalu 200 hour teacher training and has been blessed to study with Master Teachers: Seane Corn (Vinyasa Flow), Baron Baptiste (Power Yoga), Ana Forrest (Forest Yoga), Richard Freeman (Ashtanga), John Friend and Desiree Rumbaugh (Anusara Yoga), David Life (Jivamukti), Shiva Rea (Vinyasa), Sonia Sumar (Yoga for the Special Child) and Shakta (Radiant Child, Kundalini Yoga). Karen also completed the Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher training and the Khalsa Way, Prenatal Yoga teacher training with Gurmukh.

While skiing in Lake Tahoe, Karen tore her ACL, She underwent an ACL repair to restore the ligament that maintains stability of the knee. As a patient, Karen experienced the dedication and persistence necessary for recovery. She suffered a setback when the graft failed and had to undergo emergency surgery for a revision of the ACL repair. This time the graft was taken from her healthy knee. She was able to rehabilitate from double knee surgery with physical therapy and has returned to an active lifestyle. She resumed skiing, completed several Olympic distance triathlons, Century bike rides, performed with a dance company, completed a 15K and continues to pursue new adventures.

On her path to wellness she came across Pilates. A form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates, which is from the influence of yoga, gymnastics, boxing, martial arts and Eastern and Western philosophies. Pilates is an extensive repertoire of exercises designed to condition the entire body, using positions and movements that simulate functional activities and thereby correct body alignment and balance. While working in sports medicine she completed a basic Pilates certification (mat and equipment), at the Kane School of Core Integration. Karen continued with her studies and has completed several advanced Pilates certifications at Kinected.

Karen embarked on a lifelong journey of learning and wellness that has deepened her understanding of movement, a balanced body and inner harmony. She adopted the philosophy that achieving good health means that the whole (body, mind and spirit) must be addressed. As a Certified Reiki Master, she combines energy work, yoga, Pilates and meditation with sports medicine to obtain maximum strength, improved body mechanics and awareness in all of her patients.