PHlex NYC provides expert body maintenance through our dynamic approach to personalized sports medicine and integrative care. In a world of classes, gyms and bootcamps, many put in the hard work needed to achieve our fitness goals, but neglect the work our bodies crave for recovery care. We believe in the science and art of providing health and fitness afficionados the same comprehensive physical therapy we provide to the world's best professional athletes. 

We are proud to offer the finest acupuncture, pilates, nutritional and behavioral counseling, athletic training, yoga, massage therapy, and reiki services in New York City at our new state-of-the-art facility. The PHlex NYC center boasts panoramic views of the iconic Chrysler building and the most advanced equipment throughout the 5,000 square foot space.

Discover more about our services and let us guide you from a fit and healthy mindset, to a fit and healthy lifestyle.


"Phlex came highly recommended to us by our doctor at the hospital of special surgeries. Kimberly is extremely passionate, knowledgable, kind and patient and my son loved her right away. In the privacy of his own room, she worked her magic on his back. She worked hard at getting him better and kindly said “I don’t want to see you here anymore.” I loved that. She wanted to see him healthy and healed and enjoy his season injury and therapy free…and he did!" - W. Cohen


"Kimberly has been a true savior. She is constantly creating new ways to put my body back on track and improve strength and mobility. Kimberly is smart, energetic and makes physical therapy truly enjoyable." - Paul

"Kim and Karen are so good at what they do. I am feeling much better due to the care and attention I have received here at Phlex. All of the staff are polite and very helpful. I feel that my condition will improve and am very happy that I found Phlex. As this is my third round of physical therapy for this condition I feel I have finally found someone that understands this problem and has the expertise to treat it." - Joyce

One of the best, well-run medical facilities I’ve experienced. The appointments are always on time, clients are given full time care and attention and are never rushed." - CHRIS

kimberly CASPARE | doctor of physical therapy

Kimberly Caspare, DPT, ATC, CSCS, CES is the CEO and founder of PHlex NYC. Dr. Caspare has developed a highly patient centric approach, applying biomechanical analysis with kinesthetic patterning to determine the underlying blueprints of dysfunction. Dr. Caspare has emphasized her unique method of treatment to re-educate the body, restore full strength and range of motion, and maximize functioning to previously unsurpassed levels.

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At PHlex NYC, we are serious about health –  your health. Through physical therapy, a range of exercise modalities and a wholesome mix of Western theory and integrative medicine, we are dedicated to rejuvenating your body, mind and soul.

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