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Sport agents refer professional athletes to PHLEX because our methodology identifies and addresses key components to athletic recovery and performance that are often overlooked.  Whether distraught and injured or in need of position-specific periodization cycles, we enable athletes to reach peak strength and maximize resilience through in-season or return-to-play. Our goal is to capitalize on and foster motivation, and allow the athlete to rise to their potential and thrive athletically. 

PHLEX Health and Wellness Studio® has the team and the skill-set to help all athletes, from the professional level, to collegiate and even high school.  Our methodologies address the needs of the player, from the athletes' days on the field, to off-season mode, all the way to post-op from surgery.  Our years of experience with physical therapy, combined with a lifelong commitment to athletics, results in unsurpassed levels of positive outcomes.

We have recharged and renewed countless athletes through our healing treatments and conditioning regimens.  

PHLEX will:

  • Bridge the gap between injury rehabilitation and injury prevention training, enhancing longevity in sport and athletics
  • Educate athletes on the neuromuscular system and provide body awareness training to ignite effective motor programming patterns and body efficiency
  • Assess the athlete’s structural and biomechanical system to reveal inefficient body patterns and shortcomings in performance progression
  • Practice absolute body strengthening and skilled execution to enhance agility, finesse, speed, power and endurance
  • Provide off-season and training camp prep through customized wellness programs, in both macro and micro cycles, encompassing all the energy systems

PHlex will stand beside you all the way to the finish line