Spa at E by Equinox • 30 East 85th Street • New York, NY 10028

recovery is optimal when it’s woven into everything you do.

PHLEX NYC is partnering with Equinox to provide you with protection and liberation. By housing PHLEX NYC at E we have embedded a system of checks and balances to your health portfolio so E Members always have a way of staying in the game and surpassing physical obstacles efficiently.

E by Equinox is a new, private club where Equinox curates its most specialized offerings, including their most elite personal training, private studio pilates, signature classes, inviting luxuries, and bespoke service. In addition to these offerings, E members can collaborate with PHLEX NYC therapists to integrate their training and rehabilitation under one roof to prevent injury, speed up recovery, and drive results.

This exclusive, custom curated experience puts you in the hands of the best practitioners and coaches in the field to deliver an unmatched expert focus on your whole body and its unique needs.


Neuromuscular Screenings • Physical Therapy Evaluations • Physical Therapy Treatments

PHLEX NYC In House Days

Tuesdays and Thursdays 7am-11am and 4pm-8pm

Days are flexible and can change based on member and coach necessity.

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E Madison Avenue • 30 East 85th Street • New York, NY 10028

E Madison Avenue • 30 East 85th Street • New York, NY 10028