Kim – I am extremely thankful for the time you took away from your vacation to help me manage my pain during Donnie’s bachelorette weekend and for the guidance you gave me when it was time to make a decision about surgery. Your kindness, selflessness, and generosity are truly rare and unique and your talent is one of a kind. Please let me know if you ever need anything. I owe you big time!  – Jacqueline


Phlex came highly recommended to us by our doctor at the hospital of special surgeries. My son was having an issue with his back and she said that he needed physical therapy and that Kimberly Caspare was the best person for the job. She said that Kim was very hands on, and had a way of manipulating the back that would help it heal quickly. We were lucky and able to get an appointment that day. We were warmly greeted by Tara and immediately know that we were in the right hands. The studio is very clea, private and professional. Kimberly is extremely passionate, knowledgable, kind and patient and my son loved her right away. In the privacy of his own room, she worked her magic on his back. It required a few sessions but he kept getting better and better. My son is a varsity basketball player going on to play callege ball. After the back issue, he sprained his angle a few weeks before the season started and had a knee injury during on of his first games. I was so happy that the back problem was settled and how he had two more things to worry about. Knowing we had Phlex to guide us through the process of healing gave me a great peace of mind. I knew my son was in the very best of hands. When we came back for his ankle and knee injuries we worked with Karen. Karen was amazing and once again my son was happy to be working in such a private and personal setting with such a well qualified therapist. He soon healed and Karen’s goal was to get him not to come back. She worked hard at getting him better and kindly said “I don’t want to see you here anymore.” I loved that. She wanted to see him healthy and healed and enjoy his season injury and therapy free…and he did! Of course Tara emails me to make sure my son is doing well and that is greately appreciated. Hopefully, he won’t need to go to physical therapy again…but if he does, we would only go to Phlex.  – W. Cohen


Kim Caspare and her team at Phlex NYC are by far the best wellness/physical therapy practice in NYC! I have lived in New York for 17+ years and have tried at least seven or eight practices so I feel qualified to give honest and reliable feedback. Kim and her team always find the solution whether it is a sports injury, recovery from surgery, or just want to really work on improving your fitness level. I have been seeing Kim and her team every week for almost 4 years…she is the most dedicated healthcare professional I have ever met! Her ability to diagnose and improve overall fitness is literally unmatched.  – Rob


Kim Caspare and team have worked with my daughters (9 and 12 yrs old) on overall sports injury prevention. The kids LOVE Kim and she really knows how to communicate with young adults. Kim implemented a very thorough assessment and custom built a program for each of my daughters. Their sport performance and overall fitness level has dramatically improved. Kim can help young adults start in the right direction and stay on track as they mature. Thanks very much to Kim and her team from a busy mom and Cosmetics Executive.  – Alison


Since my rotator cuff surgery, right through my back surgery and still today, Kimberly has been a true savior. She is constantly creating new ways to put my body back on track and improve strength and mobility. Kimberly is smart, energetic and makes physical therapy truly enjoyable. Her new facility is in a convenient Grand Central class A building with a state of the art installation and equipment. As far as I am concerned, Kimberly is the only PT and consultant I would ever consider.  – Paul


Kim and Karen are so good at what they do. I am feeling much better due to the care and attention I have received here at Phlex. All of the staff are polite and very helpful. I feel that my condition will improve and am very happy that I found Phlex. As this is my third round of physical therapy for this condition I feel I have finally found someone that understands this problem and has the expertise to treat it. Thanks everyone for your help!  – Joyce


One of the best, well-run medical facilities I’ve experienced. The appointments are always on time, clients are given full time care and attention and are never rushed. Phlex has a very calming atmosphere. Kim and Karen are the most professional and caring therapists and spend time with their clients to assess their medical needs. Tara, the office manage, is always pleasant and goes out of her way to be sure clients get scheduled in advance and is sensitive to clients’ busy schedules. Tara is truly an efficient and professional employee. Roz, the office accountant, always make sure insurance claims are submitted in a timely manner and always answers any insurance questions. All office should be run this way! These gals are the best!!!  – Chris


Injury can be career ending, but after seeing Kim and her crew at PHLEX, I felt ready to get back on the field. - Tampa Bay Buccaneer